Z o o p h o r i a  M u s i c
T e s t i m o n i a l s
It has been said that the best form of advertising is
word of mouth.  Discover below what people have
been saying about Founder/President Brian Black.
“"Working with Brian gave me a very positive outlook on getting my
project secure.  Using him again.”
Mark Christensen, Director/Writer/Co-Producer, "American Flyer"

“I recently used Brian Black at Zoophoria Music for a project involving
music licensing for my son, Garrett’s, music. Brian was prompt and
thorough in his work, and I was very pleased with the outcome.  I
recommend Brian for any projects where entertainment industry, music
licensing or music supervision experience and expertise is required.”
Scott Godsey, Manager, Christian singer/songwriter Garrett Godsey

“Music Supervision is a art form when it comes to the Film and TV in
Brian Black placed in his love and care into a film we both worked on
"American Flyer", on it's most care for all the scenes that are in the film.
As a Supervising Sound Editor, working with Brian was at most having
fun, giving the out-most care to the Director in his wants and needs, and
providing the music that fits the scenes. Wow this music works for this
scene, This is what I was saying to Brian doing the final Mix on the Dub
Stage. I advise to all, to use Brian Black as a Supervising Music & Sound
production sound for any Post Audio Sound on any TV or Film projects
at hand."
Erick Jolley, Owner, N2SounD Post Audio
Sound Editor, "American Flyer"

“Brian is highly knowledgeable, organized, prepared, and completely
thorough in every aspect of the post-production music process. He
handles troublesome situations with a substantial level of tactfulness and
effective, strategic thinking. Because I was so impressed with his work, I
am hiring him for my next project as well.”
Dan Peterson, Writer/Producer/Director, "Cupid's Arrow"

“Brian Black did a great job for us as Music Supervisor on our feature
film A Dance For Bethany. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone."
Marion D. Williams, Executive Producer, "A Dance For Bethany”

“Professional and efficient!”
Jackie Tice, Recording Artist, Saja Maka Music

“Working with Brian was a fair and painless experience. Our music in the
movie "Meet Me In Miami" was a very smooooth affair. I recommend Brian
as a person to submit your music to for possible movie and TV. Highest
quality music supervisor.”
Jack Gold, Record Producer, L.A. Carpool Music

“Brian went over and beyond the call of duty. He had a tight budget to
work with and he was able to deliver in a very efficient and superlative
manner. I'd definitely work with Brian again and recommend him to any
colleagues in search of a music supervisor.”
Julian Zolkin, Co-Producer, "Sam's Lake"

“I have no doubt that Brian Black is insanely passionate about music and
music supervising for motion pictures.  His ability to work with the
Producer and/or Director on placing song(s) in a project are of the
highest standards. His process of "approach, organization and follow
through" are seamless and flawless.  The hours are unpredictable, the
work is tedious and the circumstances are sometimes brutally laborious...
yet the he finds every opportunity to use his skills-set like a rock-star.”
Eric M. Klein, Associate Producer, "Sam's Lake",
Post Producer, "Cupid's Arrow", "American Flyer"

“I know Brian for many years and it is a great pleasure to say a few
words about him. Brian is very reliable, a genuine professional with great
attitude and manners. His knowledge of the music industry (and
entertainment in general) is profound. I'm currently working with him on
an international co-pod. film and can assure everybody that anyone
who's going to do business with him won't be disappointed.
Aare Tilk, Writer/Producer/Director, Silver Moon Entertainment, Inc.

“Brian is not only a true visionary with excellent business sense and
extraordinary taste, he's a delight to work with."
Sally Hughes, Owner, Planet Shark Productions