Music Research - The first step in obtaining music rights pertains to
questions of ownership.  Finding licensors can be difficult and
time-consuming, especially for older or obscure songs from catalogs that
have been bought or sold more than once or released by record labels that
have gone out of business.  Brian has the tools and knowledge to find
sources of information to get the music licensing process going quickly.  In
addition, Zoophoria Music has a substantial music library covering a wide
array of musical styles.

Music Clearance - The next step in the process deals with negotiating the
music rights.  One of the biggest threats to music licensing deals is the
concept of "most favored nations".  Brian has the skills and ingenuity to
avoid this pratfall by offering various deal structures to licensors.

Music Licensing - This part of the process is the most crucial:  the license
agreements.  Knowing what should be contained (or not contained) in a
license agreement is crucial.  A lack of knowledge in this area can
jeopardize not only the productions but the production companies
themselves.  Founder/President Brian Black garnered his licensing skills by
working at two of the largest record label catalogs in the world:  PolyGram
and Universal Music Group.  Brian has done not only film licenses but also
ones for trailers and soundtrack CDs.

Soundtrack Production - There are two aspects involved:  music
production and component production of the soundtrack CD itself.  First of
all, some films and TV shows require re-recordings of songs for projects that
are music-intensive or remixes to fit a certain scene better.  Brian has
recording studio experience as a musician and as a song producer for films.

Listen to the original version of the song "Survivor" and then the newer
version co-produced by Brian and songwriter Kevin Saunders Hayes that
was used in the feature film "A Dance For Bethany".
S e r v i c e s
Z o o p h o r i a  M u s i c
Secondly, independent producers sometimes like to have the option of
releasing a soundtrack CD on their own.  Zoophoria also excels at
coordinating the manufacturing elements.  From the jewel case to the CD
booklet to the CD itself, Zoophoria will find the most economical price for
your budget.   
Brian has recording studio experience as an artist and as a song producer for

Brian's aptitude for both the creative and administrative aspects of the film
and TV music process can save film and TV producers time, energy and

Why Hire A Separate Music Clearance Person AND A Music
Supervisor AND (if needed) A Song Producer?  Zoophoria Music
does it all!!!!
"Survivor" - A Dance For Bethany Version
"Survivor" - Original Versionn